Calling all talented individuals! We are looking for musicians, magicians, comedians, etc. to provide live entertainment during the Reunion. If that’s you, contact Dave Sharp to learn more.


CDHS Commemorative Souvenir Book

$50 - Pickup at the Reunion in July 2023
To kick off our sales campaign we are holding a weekly draw  in the month of November. Each week, everyone who orders a souvenir book will be entered into a draw to win a piece of  Reunion Logo Merchandise. The week will close at midnight Sunday night and the first winner will be announced on Monday November 14th. 2022 so get your order in!
Don’t forget the alumni on your Christmas List as this book could make a great gift for them.  

Join Us at the CDHS 2023 Reunion

Reminisce, reconnect with old friends, and maybe even meet some new ones. Join us to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Campbellford District High School.

If you have contacted us before to volunteer, we ask that you do so again by letting us know where and when you can help, as per the below list.

Join the Volunteer Team!

The CDHS Reunion Team is now opening up for volunteers to join to help run the weekend event for the CDHS 100 year reunion.

If you would like to volunteer to help out at the centennial CDHS Reunion, taking place from July 14-16, 2023, please click the “Volunteer to Help” button below review the list of areas that we need.

Thank you so much… Without volunteers, our reunion won’t be the success it is going to be!

Celebrating 100 Years of High School Memories

From the classroom, to the football field, to the stage, CDHS has been the setting for countless formative memories and experiences over the years. Join your former classmates in remembering old times spent together, and learning where life has brought them since.

See old friends and teachers
Take the opportunity to connect with familiar faces at the reunion
Reconnect with people you have lost track of
Let’s face it. We lose touch with people over time. Take the opportunity to replace home phone numbers or landlines with individual cell phone numbers.
Many conversations start with “Remember when?” and continue by “catching up” about what those you meet have been doing since the last time you saw them.
Show your family where you went to high school
Your spouse, children, and grandchildren would like to see where all the old stories you tell took place.
Introduce them to your friends from school and fellow alumni.
Give them a chance to hear stories about you.
Networking opportunities
For those alumni still working, a school reunion can be a perfect opportunity for networking, if you are looking for a lead on future employment.
Explore the school and see what it looks like now.
As an alumnus, you can walk the halls again and you won’t be late for class or band practice.
Remember where your locker was.
See how much has changed or not changed since the last time you were in CDHS.

A Weekend of Exciting Events

Reunite with your high school peers for a weekend of exciting activities. With events ranging from an open house, to a formal dinner, to an amazing variety show, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Have a Question About the Reunion?

The CDHS 2023 Reunion Committee is more than happy to help! We are dedicated to bringing you a spectacular reunion experience, and we appreciate any questions and feedback we can use to improve the event for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out!