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Feb 2021 Newsletter – Oodles of Doodles


Oodles of Doodles

I know, our parents expected us to be pay attention to the teacher and what was being taught, no matter what the subject was…English, Geography, Bookkeeping, History, Shop, Music, or Algebra etc. And our teachers did too.

With our binders open and lots of loose-leaf lined paper, pens or pencils in hand, we started taking notes about what the teacher was talking about. We wrote down the information which was being written on the blackboard panels.

Some of us had to scramble in getting stuff written in our notebooks before the teacher picked up the chalk eraser and wiped off the writing from the blackboard to continue writing out the lesson.

The following is written with apologies to all teachers.

Even with all the brain cells on overdrive to concentrate on the lesson, your brain seemed take the exit off the “information highway” and detour to control your writing hand, whether you were left or right-handed.

It could start with a circle trying to get your pen to write. That circle could be doodled into a face.

You might jot down a word or phrase in the page’s margin for reference to something you heard the teacher say was important. To emphasis the point, you start tracing the ink or pencil marks making the characters darker and larger.

That is just the time, you see the teacher is standing at your desk.

Has this happened to you?


Q. What does the Bridge Street Public School building which burned down in 1966 have in common with our high school building?

Find out the answer in next month’s newsletter

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