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May 2021 – Confusion Reigns Supreme


It doesn’t really matter where you are or what you are doing, if you are confused about something, it can turn life upside down and create havoc. It might be nothing to someone else, but when it happens to you, it seems like they might as well announce your mistake over intercom during morning announcements. At least only those in your homeroom class might be aware of it after seeing your face turn beet red.

Having a six-day rotation cycle for classes, means you had to keep track of what rotation day it was (from Day 1 through to Day 6). Your schedule given to you at the start of the school year indicated the subjects, teachers and classrooms for each day.

If you were away from school for sickness for a while or over an extended holiday like Christmas, you were likely to forget what “day” it was when you returned to school.

If you were fortunate to realize you had the wrong books with you and your locker was nearby or on the way to first class, you hopefully had time to do an exchange of books and notebooks without many noticing. Some pupils might be lucky to have a spare for first period and have time to change their books for the day.

Of course, you might not have done the homework assigned for the classes on that day if you didn’t figure out what was the proper “day”. But that’s another story.

Q. What professional sports event did a CDHS sports team watch in person on November 24, 1968?

A. Find out the answer in next month’s newsletter.

Last month’s answer: Stephen Burwell Coon

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