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June 2021 – Like a Fish


Like a Fish

I don’t think a high school student in class would think they would have something in common with a fish. If you chewed gum in class, you might be like a fish. Let’s face it, if a fish takes the bait on a hook, it is caught.

When a teacher sees you chewing gum in class, you are caught as well. A fish doesn’t receive the same punishment as a chewing gum culprit.

The person chewing gum might be punished with a detention to write something like “I will not chew gum in class again.” one hundred times on the blackboard after school or cleaning off the gum put underneath desks in the classroom left by other students.

Q. Who was the original building contractor of the Campbellford High School located at 119 Ranney Street?

A. Find out the answer in next month’s newsletter.

Last month’s answer: Ames Coach Lines drove a busload of the Senior Football team and coaches to Ottawa to watch the Ottawa Rough Riders defeat the Toronto Argonauts in the Canadian Football League’s Eastern Final at Lansdowne Park. The winner had the highest total points of a two-game series. The Ottawa Rough Riders became the Eastern Division representative in the Grey Cup which they won.

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