September 2021 – Problems, Problems, Problems

Problems, Problems, Problems Q. Do you know why mathematics books like Functions, Algebra and Calculus are sad? A. Because they are full of problems. Most math books had the answers in the back. The trick was to figure out how to get the answer using the proper equations. Remember the dilemma of figuring out what […]

August 2021 – Chocolate Factory Run

Chocolate Factory Run Most people who live in or visit the Campbellford area make what I like to call a “must trip”. Let’s face it, how many times have you bumped into the same people doing a run (in their vehicle) to Dooher’s Bakery, the chocolate factory (World’s Finest Chocolate outlet), and the Empire Cheese […]

July 2021 – When in Rome…

When in Rome… When we were in high school very few of us ever visited Rome or any part of Italy for that matter. So why in the world did we learn Roman numerals in school? It seemed like “Greek” to me. (Pardon the pun.) After high school, I began to realize that the use […]

June 2021 – Like a Fish

Like a Fish I don’t think a high school student in class would think they would have something in common with a fish. If you chewed gum in class, you might be like a fish. Let’s face it, if a fish takes the bait on a hook, it is caught. When a teacher sees you […]

May 2021 – Confusion Reigns Supreme

It doesn’t really matter where you are or what you are doing, if you are confused about something, it can turn life upside down and create havoc. It might be nothing to someone else, but when it happens to you, it seems like they might as well announce your mistake over intercom during morning announcements. […]

Apr 2021 – The Early Days of Learning a Language

I’m not saying we are old, but do you realize that some alumni were in high school so long ago, it was “B.C.”. Okay, stop laughing. This abbreviation means “Before Computers”. I remember our first course about computers was called “Computer Math” taught by Mr. Greaves. The first homework assignment was… “You are driving a […]

Mar 2021 Newsletter – An Apple For the Teacher

An Apple for the Teacher An apple is considered to be from the Tree of Knowledge. “Bing Crosby’s 1939 “An Apple for the Teacher,” explains the persuasive allure of the fruit. “An apple for the teacher will always do the trick,” sings Crosby, “when you don’t know your lesson in arithmetic.”” In 1940, in the movie, Pinocchio saw Geppetto […]

Feb 2021 Newsletter – Oodles of Doodles

Oodles of Doodles I know, our parents expected us to be pay attention to the teacher and what was being taught, no matter what the subject was…English, Geography, Bookkeeping, History, Shop, Music, or Algebra etc. And our teachers did too. With our binders open and lots of loose-leaf lined paper, pens or pencils in hand, […]

Jan 2021 Newsletter – Provincial Fame & The Evolution of Erasing

Provincial Fame Some CDHS alumni and current students might not realize, but an English teacher received provincial recognition for something not related to teaching. If you have been to the Campbellford area in roughly the past 60 years, you are likely aware of a certain place commemorating her family name. Many might not know, but […]