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The CDHS 2023 Reunion Committee is more than happy to help! We are dedicated to bringing you a spectacular reunion experience, and we appreciate any questions and feedback we can use to improve the event for you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the reunion, someone else may have had that question too! Take a look through the following answers, and if you don’t find the one you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us using the form above.

You can create an account by clicking “Log In / Sign Up” on the left-hand side of the webpage, above the navigation menu. Then you will want to follow these steps:

Step 1 – Click “Create a CDHS 2023 Reunion Account Here”

Step 2 – Fill in your details as you would like them to appear on your printed pass at the reunion. These details will also appear on the “Where Are They Now” page.

Step 3 – Set your password. The registration will ask you to enter your password twice, to make sure that there are no typos. Make sure that both passwords match.

Step 4 – Done! You can now go customize your account under “Where Are They Now” or proceed with buying your Pre-Registration.

You can pre-register online by first creating a “CDHS 2023 Reunion” account, then clicking the “Pre-Register” button in the top right-hand corner on most pages. From there you can add the “Pre-Registration Package” to your account and proceed to checkout, where you can then pay for the Pre-Registration.

We certainly expect most venues to be sold out relatively quickly. The most important thing, at this time, is to pre-registered as early as you can. It guarantees you access to these venues and activities. You can pre-register directly on our website.

You will indeed receive pre-registration and registration confirmations and also you will be able to confirm such by viewing the website as your registration will be recorded so all can see who is coming.

There are a lot of background costs associated with this reunion such as website development and maintenance, venue costs (Arena or Curling Club); cleanup costs of various venues, stage & sound/lighting system rentals, decorations and numerous hidden costs.

Spouses, partners, significant others and children are welcome to attend the reunion. Reunions are always a good opportunity for you to introduce your spouse or significant other and children to your former classmates and teachers!

Children under the age of majority would not be allowed to attend Saturday evening dances.

Please purchase one Pre-Registration Package for yourself and each person you will be bringing.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds in these situations. Your payment will be treated as a donation to the overall Reunion costs.

Use of directory information for any commercial, political or solicitation purpose is expressly prohibited. If you suspect that your information was misused, please let us know by sending an email to

The on-site Registration table will have access to the attendee names who have registered. Photo identification of each attendee and guest is required.

Yes. There are additional costs for certain events which you and your guest(s) must pay to attend. See the Events Schedule for the events and prices.

Refer to the Events Schedule on the left of a website page to find out what is happening. Click here to go directly to Events Schedule:

The reunion weekend goes on, hot or cold, rain or shine.

The one exception would be the location of the Saturday afternoon outside musical performances and that would be moved to an inside location to be announced later.

Watch the weather forecast for the area. Wear appropriate clothing for the forecasted weather.

We hope CDHS alumni and present students and staff close to home and around the world will be able to come for the centennial anniversary celebration of our high school.

Please watch the CDHS Reunion 2023 website and the following Federal and provincial websites for updates concerning the impact on the reunion. Given this is for 2023, we certainly do not foresee any problems.

Public Health Ontario,

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak updates, symptoms, prevention, travel, preparation –,

Remember you will be likely on your feet either walking or standing most of the time. Activities will be also held outside on the football field.


We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes and maybe a change of shoes for dancing.


Comfort is the key. The reunion is in July, so please use your judgement. Don’t forget, you might have your photo taken and possibly posted on social media.

Refer to “Food & Accommodations” on the left menu to find possible places to stay. It will be up to you to make your own reservations.

Of course, there are the traditional ways such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Spouses, partners, significant others and children are welcome to attend the reunion. Reunions are always a good opportunity for you to introduce your spouse or significant other and children to your former classmates and teachers!

Children under the age of majority would not be allowed to attend Saturday evening dances.

Please purchase one Pre-Registration Package for yourself and each person you will be bringing.

If the medical emergency warrants on-site attention, call 911 for an Ambulance. Otherwise, if it requires you to visit the hospital, the Campbellford Memorial Hospital is within minutes of the Campbellford District High School, the Arena and the Campbellford District Racquet and Curling Club.

Visitors to Ontario from other Canadian provinces and territories as well as other countries are responsible to verify what their medical insurance and travel insurance covers when out of their province, territory or country. If you feel it is required, obtain additional coverage.

Don’t forget to bring your medical and/or travel insurance policy card with you if you have an unfortunate situation to use it.

If there is a fire, pull the closest fire alarm and evacuate the area before you call 911. It is always best to have a fire exit plan in your mind before entering any building. Plus, be sure to read the “Fire Exit Plans” that should already be posted in the various buildings

The CDHS 2023 Reunion will adhere to the legislation of Canada, the province of Ontario, the Municipality of Trent Hills and the Kawartha-Pine Ridge School Board.

We will be using the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle programme concerning waste management and encourage our other partners (venue holders) to do the same.

The CDHS 2023 Reunion will be photographed, video recorded or both. By attending, you consent to this recording and authorize the CDHS 2023 Reunion Committee and the CDHS and associated School Board to use your name, photograph, voice or other likeness for purposes related to the Reunion promotion and historical purposes. For questions or concerns, please contact

We will be happy for you and your family to come and see classmates and teachers you had as much as we want to see you. Your registration, transportation, lodgings, and other costs are your responsibility. For more information, you can also reach out to Rotarian Rob Pope at

Your question might be one of the FAQs and answers already prepared for adding to the FAQs section in the coming months and years. If it is, we will make sure to add it in the next website update.

We try to cover all the questions, but if it’s a question we have not considered, thank you for your input. If someone asks a question, there are likely many others wanting an answer to the same question. Please watch the FAQs for the new question and the answer when the answer has been researched and the website has been updated. Please email your question to

No. This would be your responsibility.

There are no direct children activities but certainly, they can go on the river tours or other tours that hope to be arranged. Let them enjoy the stroll along the Rotary Trail on the banks of the Trent Canal.

High School

There are many stairs in the school, however a small elevator is inside the main entrance.


Campbellford-Seymour Community Centre (the Arena)

Access to the ice surface is at the far end of ice surface. There is a ramped area in the corner. To get to the upstairs of the arena, you would have to go back up that ramp outside, go along side of arena to the ramp to upstairs.

Wheelchair accessible restrooms are on the front lowest level by the hockey change rooms.


Campbellford District Racquet and Curling Club

Access from parking lot onto ice surface, from ice surface to Bennett Lounge is a ramp. Restrooms on the flat in the Bennett Lounge.

There is “Reserved parking” for disabled attendees but limited in nature.


Don’t forget your permit shield or windshield tag to park in the accessible parking spaces.

Different restaurants and service clubs will be providing the food and beverages. However, you should come prepared just in case.

We believe the venues allow for Service Animals. This would not include any River tours unless you had the boat reserved for your group only.

We are always looking for volunteers to help make the reunion weekend special. We will be needing volunteers the weekdays prior to the event (registration, decoration, etc) and certainly during the weekend events. We welcome everyone who would like to play a part in the organization of the Reunion Weekend to volunteer.

Current students attending CDHS in 2023, alumni, service club members and citizens can help. Please step forward. Students attending CDHS in 2023 may be able to use their volunteer time as Community Hours. Please check with the school authorities to verify if it is possible. If you wish to volunteer, please email to leave your contact information.

Yes, to a certain extent, but trust us, you don’t need to study, write, or pass an exam!

Some volunteers will be required to work at the Registration table. It won’t take very long to show volunteers what to do when registered people come to pick up their name tag and other information.

Volunteers, familiar with the school interior, can direct visitors to different rooms.

We welcome your input, so you will enjoy the volunteer experience. 

Please keep in mind, we will also need “behind the scenes” assistance for the reunion and attendees will see the end product of your work.