Lighthouse Wealth Management

Silver Sponsor

On behalf of Lighthouse Wealth Management (LHWM); we are excited to be a sponsor of the CDHS2023Reunion. Growing up in Campbellford from 1953-73, I am proud of still calling it “Home” and that CDHS was my High School. So many great memories to share when we meet in 2023. Like so many CDHS students, I moved around a bit in my two careers and now have settled just down the road in Brighton. I do hope that everyone will enjoy the reunion as I know that so many volunteers have put a lot of time and effort into ensuring its’ success.

And now a word from your sponsor. Everyone’s needs and dreams are different. The time to start making them happen is right now. It all starts with having the financial power to do it your way, and that should mean a custom-made plan suited to your needs. To accomplish that, you have to find the right financial advisory team. Whether you are just starting out in your career; or are nearing retirement; or are now worried about your Estate; our team at LHWM is experienced, dedicated and welcome any inquiries on insurance, on investments or other aspect of financial planning.

So, again, hope to see you at the Reunion.