Red Stone Embroidery

All Clothing merchandise shown here is handled by Red Stone Embroidery Services. Please click on one of the links below to open the order form, fill in the information, and press “submit” to place your order. Your request will be sent directly to Red Stone Embroidery Services. If you have any questions or requests, please reach out to Red Stone directly. All payments will be handled through Red Stone. Thank you.

The prices shown include one embroidered logo per item ordered. All taxes are included. Shipping charges will be extra. If you are local, they can be picked up in Brighton (give them 30-45 days to fulfill your order) or at the Reunion in 2023 on Friday evening or Saturday morning. All orders must be pre-paid directly to Red Stone. The CDHS Reunion team strongly recommends that you do not leave your orders until June 2023 as they could be busy with other orders at that time.

Contact Info: Connie (& Chuck) Howell. • Contact Phone: 613-439-9000 • Website: • Email:

Please note that you must order and then pay directly through Red Stone Embroidery Services and in return, they are providing the CDHS Reunion a stipend per item ordered.

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