CDHS Yearbook (In Black & White, Printed Version)


Can’t do without the feeling of a physical book in your hands? Get the printed yearbook! Printed yearbooks are only available in soft-cover format.

Shipping via Canada Post is $10 Extra



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Shipping via Canada Post is $10 Extra. Alternatively, you can choose to just pick up your Yearbook copies at the reunion.

If you choose to have the book shipped to you, please note that shipping is currently only available in North America. Please also note that printing will only be done in batches once per quarter, subject to minimum orders. However, the printing and shipping of your book, for those who choose shipping, is guaranteed to be done within two quarters regardless of minimum orders.

Please note, while we have done our best to ensure the accuracy of the yearbooks some pages may not have scanned properly or may in fact have been missed. For that, we would apologize. You are purchasing the yearbooks as they were scanned. Thanks for your interest.