The Symonds Family

Mrs. Edith Symonds Tribute

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The Symonds family want to lend our support to the CDHS 100th year reunion. Along with many other posts on the Reunion Facebook page honouring teachers, we want to remember and thank all the teachers who helped students such as us get a quality education (sometimes in spite of ourselves) that prepared us for post secondary education and/or jobs. In particular we wanted to remember our mother, Edith Symonds. She taught at the one room Wilson Settlement Percy Township SS #7 school from about 1955 to 1962 when the school was closed. Many of the students went on to high school in Campbellford. She then taught for a couple of years at the public school in Warkworth (with teachers such as Mrs. Percy Campbell and Mrs. M. Thain who also had children and students attend CDHS), and then at the Campbellford public school. When the school burned in 1966, she moved to the CDHS and taught at that site for a couple of years. When she received her BA degree in 1968, she then taught English at the Norwood high school until she retired. She died in 2016. She is just one of the many teachers whose professionalism and care for their students enriched us all. Thanks to the many volunteers organizing the event, and we hope everyone has a good time at the reunion!

The Symonds: Wayne, Brian, Sheryl Lewis, Heather Griffiths