Westben Theatre

Bronze Sponsor

Donna Bennett a long time supporter of the arts, feels that the CDHS reunion 2023 will be a great chance to reconnect with friends and meet new ones. Gathering as a community is important and that’s what inspired Westben to become a sponsor.  Donna got her inspiration to be a professional singer in the musicals at CDHS and was lucky to perform in Europe, US and Canada. Together, her and Brian co-founded Westben with an energetic community in 1999.  Community remains a huge part of Westben’s success and mandate.  They hope you will visit them at The Barn or Willow Hill or around the campfire for a concert on Sunday, July 16.  More details coming soon about this event.

For 23 years, Westben has been about bringing people together through music, experiencing it in a natural setting. Westben is where music and nature spring to life!

Nestled amongst the peaceful hills of Northumberland County near Campbellford, Westben’s original performance venue is a custom-built, timber-frame barn. The Barn seats 400 and combines state-of- the-art acoustics with a rustic yet sophisticated atmosphere. On sunny days from June to September, massive walls and doors roll away allowing music to waft over the surrounding meadow. In 2022 Westben built two new outdoor venues. Willow Hill is a natural grassy amphitheatre that seats up to 500 people and the new Campfire venue, an intimate gathering for 50 people.

Performances at Westben’s open air summer festival offer a diverse range of music -classical, jazz, folk, fiddle, pop, rock, comedy and even music by our neighbours at Alderville, Hiawatha and Curve Lake First Nations. Westben offers interactive “One-of-a-Kind” Experiences with music and nature in the neighbouring Mary West Nature Reserve and the Dare to Pair series featuring local chefs, sommeliers, story tellers and musicians on site before the concerts.

Westben’s Digital programs include concerts, podcasts, musical moments and more available on Westben’s YouTube Channel and the new www.WestbenDigitalvenue.ca. Westben’s International Performer-Composer Residency is an international gathering of creative risk-takers whose practice involves some combination of both composition and performance.